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DF48 is a special system for lead-acid batteries. It has several highly effective properties and effects:




The multifunctional device DF48 is fully functional and operable via PC connection.

Charging voltage:
Single phase 220V ~ 240V / 16A / 50 ~ 60Hz
or 200V ~ 207V / min. 20A / 50 ~ 60Hz

Maximum rating power: 3500W

Power cord:
H05RNF 1.5mm2, UNI Schuko plug

Power cable to the battery:
Blue + red wire 50mm2, 3m REMA320 + test leads

PFC: Yes

1.LAN - complete operation via PC and Internet
4.Temperature sensor

Battery protection against:
overvoltage, overcurrent, overheat

Operating temperature:
-20 / +40 ° C, humidity up to max. 60%

height 760 mm, depth 310 mm, width 440 mm / stainless steel

Weight: 35kg

Charging voltage: 6-48V per 2V
Charging current: 0-50A per 1A
Discharging current: 0-160A per 1A
Display: Yes

USB functions:
Process recording, update of software and functionalities



We offer

We are being approached by more and more companies regarding battery treatment / regeneration. Most battery service companies offer battery maintenance in terms of water level control, acid density control, cleanliness, etc.

Unlike most battery maintenance companies, we also offer our customers the service of regenerating their batteries on site. This eliminates the cost of traveling back and forth with the batteries (time and money are expensive).
During regeneration at the customer's premises, we record the overall condition of the battery and then select the optimum treatment process.

Our regeneration process

Your batteries will be gently charged by the following program-controlled
Processes regenerated:

Each of our customers receives a capacity protocol with the data before and after the treatment.

We keep our word, and if treatment capacity is not increased, the customer will be charged for 
this treatment is also not invoiced.

With us, you only pay when you succeed - just give us a call!

We build our name with the help of our satisfied customers

+49 157 3788 1079


In 2008, the developer and company founder Edgar Hoffmann was still working on the development and problems of using charging and maintenance devices, mainly in the field of lead-acid traction battery applications, as part of his business activities.

The pillar of our company is the unique, innovative and stable regeneration charger DF48, which is designed to regenerate both older (e.g. also 0-volt), as well as and mainly to maintain 100% capacity of new lead-acid batteries.

Based on the research and constant search for solutions, it was decided to transform the company into a limited liability company under the name HOFFMANN s.r.o. with the protected brand name HOFFMANN.

The company has been operating in this legal form since 2011 and has subsequently been divided into several departments, which, through synergy, have developed the latest product for "battery maintenance" under the trade name DF48.

Founder and developer

As demand for the DF48 device continued to grow, it was decided that the company Hoffmann Charger GmbH s.r.o. would take over sales in Germany, Austria and Switzerland from January 1, 2019.

Our product has already found users in several countries on five continents, for example: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Great Britain, Finland, Norway, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Canada, Chile, Australia, Egypt, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan,...)

Dipl. Ing. (FH) Milan Freund

Our goal

Our main goal is to maintain new functional lead-acid batteries with a capacity of 90% to 100% for a period of 15 to 18 years.

Our regeneration process is the alternative to reducing maintenance costs with the possibility of transferring the higher economic potential to other areas.

The result of our efforts is an effective solution to current demands in the field of electrical energy storage. Thanks to our DF48 device, we are gradually increasing the efficiency of the companies for which we provide services

The unique DF48 regeneration charger for lead-acid processes further helps to reduce the frequent need to dispose of used batteries, thereby significantly eliminating environmental pollution and also reducing the amount of emissions released into the air.

We help to reduce CO2 emissions by extending the service life of batteries, reducing the amount of lead waste and also lowering electricity consumption.

By using the most modern and efficient technologies, we contribute to the health of our planet and preserve its beauty for ourselves and for future generations.

Corporate policy - Green policy


Usually more than a year. After a year, the battery capacity is still higher than its value at which the formatting was started.
Yes, provided that all battery cells are functional.
Yes, since the charging process balances the voltage in all battery cells.
Simply contact our company or one of our sales representatives and we will be more than happy to plan an appointment for our visit, where the whole functionality of the device will be explained in detail.

We try to rectify the fault remotely (via the Internet). If this is not possible, the customer sends the device directly to us in the workshop, we search for and rectify the fault and send the repaired device back as quickly as possible.

Our company also provides service after the warranty period. If a fault occurs, we will either repair it free of charge by remote access (via the Internet) or for a fee (calculated depending on the fault) after the repair in our workshop. In the event of a complicated fault, we can lend the customer a replacement device for a fee for the duration of the repair.

Yes, we can agree a discount for orders of more than 2 units.


Ing. Milan Freund
Managing Director

+421 948 062 317


Mgr. Veronika Frimmer
Secretariat / Administration 

+421 905 544 091


Mgr. Erik Freund
Service manager

+421 918 364 229


Stanislav Danihel
Workshop manager




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